Returns are a thing of the past when your buyers know what they need

Challenge what your buyers know about traditional sizing by offering them a state-of-the-art alternative to traditional sizing charts.

We go above and beyond to ensure your returns due to fitting are minimized.

Our tech specialists teamed with an experienced tailor in order to identify and design the most efficient way of delivering premium sizing practices to your store.

This intelligence, turned into a friendly widget, and an elegant and simple interface for your buyers, has been developed to scale with your business, so it offers high-volume capabilities and personalized experience to ensure you and your customers are satisfied.
Easily Customizable
This intelligence, turned into a friendly widget, and an elegant and simple interface for your buyers, has been developed to scale with your business, so it offers high-volume capabilities and personalized experience to ensure you and your customers are satisfied.
No need for code
As easy as copy and pasting right onto your ecommerce website.
Mobile Responsive
ESENCA seamlessly works on every device with a camera.

What's more, ESENCA provides excellent customer support so someone is always there to answer all your immediate questions!

ESENCA’s team of engineers is working around the clock to improve our capabilities and make sure the widget is working smoothly. Your assigned ESENCA engineer will walk you through the integration.

Curious how ESENCA can boost your made-to-measure business?!

This solution is uniquely designed to reach the 0.5 pression metrics in tailoring so engage our team and we’ll bet that our know-how and talent can design and integrate within your website a custom version of our widget.

With more than 100 key body points considered, ESENCA is specifically designed to work for you, your apparel needs and your shoppers.

This will simplify your conversation with customers, will provide standardization within certain limits and increase customer satisfaction from first use.

While ready-to-wear constitutes the majority of our retail customers, we’re eager to unleash the potential of Artificial Intelligence into the tailoring world.

A safe and contactless shopping experience, anytime, anywhere

Your buyers will receive precise and personalized size and fit recommendations without third-party assistance.

The ESENCA experience will be frictionless and engaging, and the results will rock conversion and reduce returns - there will be no need to interrupt the shopping journey by downloading a separate app or doing detective work on what size chart works better.

ESENCA remembers users who have logged in previously in your site and will connect them instantaneously with their correct size, throughout your entire apparel offer.

Simply remove the guesswork and fitting and size

Focus on how to serve your customers best, and have a happy shopper drop a five stars review.

ESENCA will nicely integrate to your product pages

We’ve developed this customizable cross-platform web-based widget with your buyer in mind – and your success as an ecommerce business owner.

And as we are well aware how important is to keep your visitor focused on their shopping experience, ESENCA comes with minimum disruption and a clear, easy-to-understand, customizable set of instructions.

Shopping is supposed to be fun

This artificially intelligent tailor spices up your buyer’s experience in an elegant, clean and simple way; also it takes minimal effort and time.


Your customer will engage ESENCA right before adding your product to cart and, as a first-time user, will use the app to create a full-body scan that has been previously fed with store data such as actual measurement of your apparel.
The 100+ key detection points are invariant to image rotation, shrinkage, translation, distortion, and so on, so once they’re all set and matched – your precious buyer will have a size recommendation.

Stop losing customers after making such an effort to bring them to your website.

Use Size Analytics to better understand your customers, their needs, and optimize your services

ESENCA Analytics provides insights on your customers and products through a series of customizable reports.

Starting with your customer analysis reports, product improvement data and even sales reports, this data is a goldmine. Information directly related to how your buyers behave and what they need can be made available on requests and, if fed into your products dashboard, it can create relevant statistics that further boost your sales and support your partners selling process.
The following are a sample of ESENCA Analytics data available:

Age & Gender, Height & Weight, and Visitor Segmentation.

Product Improvement Reports.

Fit Consistency, Reference Brands, Body Dimensions, and Missing Sizes.

Product & Sales Reports.

Customer Analysis Reports.

Start creating products with your customer’s body type in mind.

Make smarter decisions regarding inventory planning, visitor segmentation and specifications for the upcoming seasons.


We know one size fits none, so choose the best suited package


5-20 sku
1000 Monthly
  • Usable for 5-20 products
  • Tehnical support
  • Analitycs dashboard


25-50 sku
2000 Monthly
  • Usable for 25-50 products
  • Tehnical support
  • 1 year of technical support


50-100 sku
3500 Monthly
  • Usable for 50-100 products
  • Tehnical support
  • Analitycs dashboard


100+ sku
  • Usable for 100+ products
  • Tehnical support
  • Analitycs dashboard

M2M Start

200 measures
2000 Monthly
  • Customisation support
  • Tehnical support

M2M Grouth

500 measures
4500 Monthly
  • Customisation support
  • Tehnical support

M2M Pro

1000 measures
8000 Monthly
  • Customisation support
  • Tehnical support