Our Mission

To radically change the online retail fashion industry, excluding sizing from the equation.

Our Vision

Empower retailers and buyers alike to have a simple, efficient and pleasant online shopping experience.

Our story

ESENCA is designed as a solution to real-life difficulties experienced by the current man-behind-the-concept. Working within the made-to-measure industry, he has first handedly experienced the actual problem of tailoring services for customers unable to visit the tailor location. The return rates were growing and the sales quota was not.

While sizing charts have had their glory moments, it was time to redefine how retailers perceive body measurements. Now, instead of trying to fit the “sizes” on the chart, ESENCA looks at how clothing can be created and adjusted to fit the “individual” and their particularities.

Think outside the sizing chart and keep your buyers happy and engaged.

Our team

The man behind the ESENCA concept defines himself as both an inquisitive mind and a strategic thinker. He’s created ESENCA to firstly fix his problem with tailor-made garments from a distance, but has decided to simply take a step forward and turn this into a profitable business and a tool meant to improve both the shopping experience and the online retail industry. He’s also a foodie and enjoys the fine cuisine in life.
(CTO/PhD in Computer Science)
A Sciences aficionado with a curious mindframe, Edi is part of our Engineering team. He has a license to innovate and is not afraid to use his skills in taking our technology always a step further.
Ambivert with strong analytical inclinations, Cristian brings creativity and solution-finding together, unravelling daring ideas and initiatives. He’s your go-to person for sharing new perspectives, different angles and out-of-the-box solutions. Claims to live in the present and think about the future.
He speaks the language of algorithms and we’re suspecting his brain is wired this way, so that’s what makes him a great technical mentor and coordinator. Mihai dives bravely into all new technology and sees opportunities to improve our tools and services from a creative-coding perspective.
(Data Scientist, MSc in Data Science)
Our own inhouse magician of data, she sees and understands patterns and subtle relationships between data insights. Her superpower at ESENCA is extracting information and using it to understand and predict events in the context of state-of-the-art techniques.
Legend has it that he’s been developing apps and writing algorithms ever since he learned to push the start button of a computer. Currently a researcher in Computer Vision and AI, he’s got eyes wide open with regards to novel techniques of implementing and deploying state-of-the-art Machine Learning algorithms.
(UI/UX Designer)
The “love child” of Sir-Mix-a-Lot and Norman Reynolds (art director for Star Wars) is our web aesthetics specialist. He’s focused on functionality, but equally as preoccupied with delivering beautiful user experiences for ESENCA. His take on the challenges he’s faced with – solve problems like you’d solve a puzzle and remember to have fun.
(DevOps Engineer)
A visionary by philosophy and a programmer by expertise, Theia looks into a better future for all people. She is passionate about Cloud Computing and how it has shaped the user experience for the better. Theia’s declared goals are tying in all the bits and pieces that build ESENCA and delivering stable, deeply tested products that make customers, as well as the ESENCA team, proud.
(Software Engineer)
In his own words “ There are many problems and not enough solutions. I’m here to even the numbers”. Dorin is the superhero ESENCA needs. He’s currently researching technologies from low level, for software speed, all the way to high level, for development speed. He’s also (not so) secretly in love with free and open source software.
(Full Stack Developer)
Perpetual learner and constantly on the verge of having yet another great idea, Marian is a Computer Science graduate, a Full Stack Developer and valued member of our team here at ESENCA. His world changes with him – as he’s discovering new technologies and innovative perspectives, both as a programmer and as a human being.
(Head of Sales)
Head of Sales for ESENCA, with more than 10 years experience, Irina is your lively Point of Contact. She speaks the language of numbers and will use any and all opportunities to bring teams and partners together within a shared goal of making the business environment and, generally the world, a better place.
Andrei Pitis
After co-founding Vector Watch in late 2013, Andrei sold the business in 2016 to American wearables maker Fitbit where he now is VP of Product. Before that, he was an active Angel Investor in several startups and held several tech leadership positions.