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Differentiate your customer experience and reduce returns with our intelligent sizing solution

Today, fashion retailers enhance their competitive advantage by improving their client service model, starting with facilitating a better fitting experience. Technology is a means to an end – the end of burdening your profits with a constant flux of returns due to fitting issues.
Our partners use our body measurement tool to not lose sales, gather data and minimize returns, while offering the best shopping experience to their buyers.

Customer success story



With tradition in made-to-measure and an increase in available ready-to-wear products, Marsay wants to create a new experience for their customers, one close to the shopping experience in a physical store.


To redefine the shopping experience, Marsay has been looking for a body measurement tool that is easy to use and has low error rates. The brand also wants to avoid the technical tasks and rapidly deploy the solution.

Founded in 2012, Marsay has brought close to buyers around the world the concept of made-to-measure clothing for men. Their unique identity revolves around custom apparel for men, designed to bring back elegance and individuality for the general public.
Blending technology and the best available fabrics, Marsay wants not only to create high-quality apparel, but to have it delivered safely to the buyer’s door, in a sustainable manner.
As an innovative company, Marsay wants to offer a personalized experience to its customers: with support from a toll that’s secure and reliable, and that helps their ecommerce business provide the best available experience to their customers.
ESENCA Solution
Speaking the language of tailors, ESENCA is a match made in heaven for the founders of Marsay – with their unique margin of 0.5 cm, this solution provided specific data that Marsay uses to tailor their apparel and create happy customers.
Finally, Marsay chose ESENCA for its customer support experience – the tool integration was seamless and created the foundations of a real partnership from the start of the project.

Trusted by the Best

Amazon Web Services

AWS Activate offered ESENCA the resources needed to apply technology and start building partnerships for the future. The vote of confidence from Amazon Web Services provided our team a well-deserved push into the world of ecommerce widgets.


Microsoft welcomed ESENCA into their award-winning programme – Microsoft for Start-Ups. By joining this community in 2021, ESENCA proved their products’ quality once again and started building on Azure, the biggest scene of Cloud Computing.


ESENCA partnered with Google Cloud Platform in late 2020 to bring the power of AI and the simplicity of enjoying clothes that make you look your best to online shoppers anywhere in the world.

Innovation Labs

Our story began with Innovation Labs 2020, where ESENCA was crowned Best Scale-Up, thus winning the most prestigious start-up incubator in Romania.