A Fit Predictor Built for the 21st Century

Drastically reduce the numbers of returns with this easy-to-use, precise and scalable sizing solution.

Tackle body measurements boldly

ESENCA will integrate seamlessly within your website and help you provide a reliable shopping experience to your users. It’s easy to use, fast and non-disruptive to their shopping experience.

Customer satisfaction is an opportunity not a challenge

This easy-to-use widget gives visitors the possibility to assess their actual fit with only two photos taken with the smartphone.


Once these simple steps are in place, they will be immediately connected with the correct size within your store, so there’s no need to fact in the differences in various sizing charts, either geographically or brand-associated.

And there’s more

The measurement business only has to happen once, we’ll store their indicators (body key points detected, not their pictures) and make sure they’re activated with each visit to your store.

Your buyers will feel empowered and satisfied with the experience of a fitting-room within their safe space. We say no to ordinary fitting-rooms but keep all the benefits.

Facilities such as what ESENCA is providing come together with a feeling of being cared for and respected by the shop owners.

Personalizing their shopping experience is key to maximizing your sales game, better reviews, overall a better relationship with your shoppers.

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State-of-the-art technology

Artificial Intelligence  is increasingly more popular and used within the retail industry.

Rich data is now open to businesses throughout the entire spectrum of commerce and fashion, as one of the leading consumer industries, should take full advantage of that.

When we say state-of-the-art technology - we mean it

This solution takes full advantage of technology available to users, to shop owners and to developers and turns it into a serious competitive advantage for your business.

Flexible, ad-hoc reporting on your buyer’s behaviour

Relationship between data has never been more important, and we’ll help you connect the dots between these highly customized customer experiences.

Having this data accessible not only drives immediate results in the form of today’s response and conversion, but also will build tomorrow’s increased loyalty and customer value.

Why E-commerce owners choose ESENCA

Acceleration of the sales processes

Sharp decrease in returns

More regular buyers

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ESENCA happened when tailors met developers.

Our mission is to radically change the fashion industry, excluding traditional sizing from the equation.

Input for creating this solution has been carefully designed and crafted by a team of professional tailors – the 100+ key points used in measuring the user’s body are a product of years of craftsmanship, a result of an industry standard and we think it’s about time we bring this back to the fashion world.

Incredible 0.5 cm precision - the standard margin used by tailors worldwide and it’s now available to your buyers

These fine ingredients have been perfectly matched with the finest image segmentation models, powered by AI, resulting in a tool that’s going to tackle the problem of returns in essence.

Adjust, refine and redesign all these ingredients and you’ll have a brilliant app and a strong team that will further improve and evolve our capacities so that, eventually – the fashion revolution will have empowered all users and businesses to be the best versions of themselves.